Cooking Classes in Lisle

Whether you want to learn new recipes or work on your chopping skills, you’ll love the cooking classes in Lisle. If you’ve considered trying a cooking class, then check out one of these popular area options:

The Art of Good Eating 

The Art of Good Eating offers everything from private dinner parties to cooking classes. Renowned chef and instructor Tom Moskos loves good food and the social environment it creates when you bring people together. He has served many dignitaries such as politicians and U.S. presidents.

The cooking classes accommodate anywhere from two to 20 people, and you can schedule on an individual basis. You’ll use a professional kitchen and learn how to use proper culinary tools. Sessions include Amazing Mediterranean, Sunday Supper, and Couples in the Kitchen. 


At Nourished, the motto is “Connect with Real Food.” It’s found inside a century-old farmhouse and was established on the idea that eating healthy should be easy. Instructor Lauren Schumaker took her first cooking class as a child. She later attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and enjoys helping students discover new recipes. 

Lauren offers Lunch and Learn classes, as well as interactive demonstration sessions. The meals are made with organic produce and non-GMO ingredients. 

Marcel’s Culinary Experience 

Marcel’s offers the most innovative store for cooking and food lovers. Founder Jill Foucre named the shop after her grandfather, a French chef. She offers a state-of-the-art kitchen that hosts over 200 classes every year. 

The kitchen features the finest cookware, and professional chefs and instructors lead the lessons. They rotate and may include Taco Truck, Eating the Mediterranean, and The First Hint of Fall.

These cooking schools are within 17 minutes of Marq on Main. If you would like to become a resident of our Lisle, IL apartments, then please contact our leasing staff. They’ll gladly give you a tour. 

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