Get to the Point: Take Knitting Classes at These Lisle Locations

knitting a yellow scarf

Knitting is a popular pastime believed to have originated in the Middle East. It spread to Europe via the trade routes, and the first knitting guilds only welcomed men. Today, knitting stores throughout the United States offer fun classes and everything you need to yard and darn your way through your pinned crafting projects. Store […]

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Where You Can Find The Best Furniture in Lisle

furniture shopping

Did you know that people have made furniture since the Neolithic Period? Excavation in Orkney, Scotland unveiled a settlement dating back to 3215 BCE where each house featured furniture made of stone including cupboards, beds, and seating.  Whether you like traditional or more contemporary styles, head to one of the following furniture stores where you’ll find dining […]

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The Best Pilates Studios in Lisle


Did you know that an hour of Pilates can help you burn calories all day long? Each move works the entire body, and if you would like to give Pilates a try, the best local studios include: Embody Movement Pilates Studio  At the Embody Movement Pilates Studio, students are encouraged to reach their fitness goals through the education […]

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