Fullersburg Woods is a Popular Bird Watching Destination

bird watching in Lisle

Not far from Marq on Main is a 220-acre prime wilderness haven in an urban setting. It’s calledĀ Fullersburg Woods, and it is where many come to spot nesting songbirds and an array of spring and fall migratory species. The property is especially stunning during the autumn months, and birds to watch for include: Rose-breasted Grosbeak […]

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The Morton Arboretum is Just Six Minutes Away

flowers in the morton arboretum in Lisle

Just six minutes from Marq on Main is a destination featuring trees, plants, and shrubs from across the globe in naturally beautiful landscapes. We’re talking aboutĀ The Morton Arboretum, and its mission is to encourage the planting and conservation of trees for a greener, healthier world. There is much to see and do including: Gardens Maze […]

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3 Scenic Forest Preserves Near Marq on Main

nature preserve in Lisle, Illinois

Illinois is brimming with natural beauty and is home to some of the most unique and fascinating flora and fauna in America. Living in Lisle puts you one step closer to natural wonders due to its proximity to several nature preserves, parks, and wildlife refuges. Spend a day right outside downtown Lisle and immerse yourself […]

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